Welcome to developerlife.com - developerlife.com is owned & run by ScreamingToaster. This site was started in 1998 to provide great programming tutorials for discerning & intelligent people who wanted to program in Java & XML. developerlife has become a trusted resource to professional programmers, college students, universities, research institutions, standards bodies, online magazines, and even enterprise software vendors.

It has grown to include content such as whitepapers, reviews & how-to's for tech savvy enthusiasts & business people, who are not developers, but are interested in  gaining knowledge and information about the technology they use in their digital lifestyle.

We are not page-view driven like every other "tech blog" out there, and strive to provide only the highest quality content.

ScreamingToaster believes in the power of ONE:

Tutorials for developers

We have a suite of tutorials on Java, XML, Swing, BlackBerry, Android, GWT, SOA, servlets, servers, web services technologies to help you create real-world applications, services, and user experiences.

All the source code is distributed under the Apache Open Source License v2.0.

Reviews & Whitepapers

This is where we share our honest unfiltered opinions about technology, and the business of technology. It includes a series of white papers called "Izzy Tech Talk", and reviews.

Our white papers and posts are based on many years experience in the software industry and running our technology company, ScreamingToaster.

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